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Hi, I'm Kristen

Founder + Designer

A values-based creative studio supporting ​passionate entrepreneurs to elevate their ​​brand identity through a personalized design ​experience.

Kristen's 10+ years of experience running her ​small business K.Michael Jewelry, a ​professional Coach & teacher gone tech have ​deepened her skills to support growth for her ​clients. By integrating coaching, strategy, ​​marketing & a modern design aesthetic ​all ​together in service of their bottom line.

With open arms, welcome to the studio.


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my journey

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A working mom of two, with an eye for creative style that she harnesses for good, to lift up others. Kristen is a California native, bringing good vibes alongside her work, with nature as her muse in both life & design. With over ten years experience running her small business, K.Michael Jewelry, a CoActive trained Coach, & teacher turned recruiter...her winding career path has been a constant reminder that life happens in the twists, turns & loops. A nod to the squiggle line you'll find throughout her K.Michael Studio branding. When life isn't a straight & narrow path, because guess what- it never is, you are forced out of your comfort zone, to dig deep & to reconnect with your values as your guide.

This business sprouted organically from her gravitation to all things CREATIVITY + CONNECTING with GOOD PEOPLE doing GOOD WORK. She saw a need for intentional, values-driven Brand Design in her network of coaches, who did not have the time or bandwidth to focus on their brand identity. From there, K. Michael Studio was born in support of these amazing humans to lift their message & business through visual design.

Kristen believes that by supporting & serving people/brands we believe in, by leading with kindness, & taking small (but mighty) actions - we have the power to positively shift the dynamics of our world. Oh and laughter, lots of laughter!

An image that Kristen had on her wall as a teacher - a reminder that life, success, creativity...it's all a messy process & enjoy the "messy middle" because that's where the magic happens!


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Brand Design, Brand strategy, Rebrands, Custom projects & Coaching

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helping you to design the brand of ​your dreams, with a vibe to match ​your values, & creating more space ​for you to do what you love.


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we understand that your business is as unique as you, so rest assured we will ​create the perfect package tailored to your needs.

Brand New Vibes Package

For those looking to Brand or Rebrand


  • Consult Call & Design Intake
  • 1:1 Brand Strategy Coaching Session
  • Moodboard
  • Established Brand Values & Takeaways
  • Logo Design + Logo Variations
  • Brand Color Palette
  • Brand Font Set
  • Final Brand Style Board
  • Canva Brand Kit Tech Tutorial/Set-up
  • 3 Live Working Sessions & Interim Email Support
  • 2 Collateral Items (Branded Marketing Materials)

investment ​starts at ​$3400

Brand refresh Package

For those looking to use their current logo but elevate their ​overall brand design


  • Consult Call & Design Intake
  • 1:1 Brand Strategy Coaching Session
  • Established Brand Values & Takeaways
  • Brand Color Palette
  • Brand Font Set
  • Final Brand Style Board
  • Canva Brand Kit Tech Tutorial/Set-up
  • 2 Live Working Sessions & Interim Email Support
  • 2 Collateral Items (Branded Marketing Materials)

investment ​starts at ​$2200


For those looking for brand design support & want to create a ​custom package


  • Consult Call & Design Intake
  • TBD

let’s chat!

A la carte menu

Pick & choose individually or add to your package

All work includes:

  • Consult Call & Design Intake
  • Interim Email Support


  • Banner (website, social or email footer)
  • Social Media Template Sets (square)
    • 3, 6 or 9 + branded templates
  • Business Card Design*
  • Postcard Design*
  • Flyer / Business One-Pager
  • Newsletters*
  • Menu Design*
  • Invitation*
  • Merch Design*
  • Tote Bag*
  • Book Cover Design*
  • Journal / Notebook*
  • Infographic
  • Educational Materials (presentation, slides, etc.)
  • Web Design* (via Canva, Shopify or Squarespace)

Additional Services Offered:

  • Canva Brand Kit Set-up & Demo (Canva Pro only)
  • Ongoing Content Design
    • Monthly retainer pending hours/ongoing support (ie. 5-​15 hrs/monthly for your content or project needs)
  • 1:1 Brand Strategy Coaching Session(s) to gain clarity on ​Brand Values, Brand Identity, Messaging, Ideal Client, ​Vision, etc.

le​t’s chat!

*Prices do NOT include production/printing costs or platform/service fees.

Prices & Designs may require copy/verbiage from client. Prices are subject to ​change pending client requests & service agreements.

The BRANDING process


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Number 2

Consult Call with Kristen

Establish Business Values

Number 3
Number 4

Start Creating Logos & Design Work

Moodboard Magic

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Number 6
Number 8

Brand Style Board & Deliverables

to your Inbox

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Number 10

1:1 Brand Strategy & Coaching Session

The Creative Process Runs Wild

1:1 Design Call & Revisions

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Client & Kristen do a Happy Dance

Option for Continued Design Work &

a Lifelong Supporter for your Business!

Partnering with ​purposeful brands,

doing incredible ​work, for all your

branding & creative ​needs.

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Every business has unique needs, ​please schedule a COMPLIMENTARY ​CONSULT CALL so we can determine ​your goals & create a custom ​package for you.

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work samples

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Some recent Brand Designs, Rebrands, & A La Carte Projects

*Please note this is NOT the full scope of our work, ​simply a glimpse at some projects.

Client Testimonials

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Quotation Mark

Although I have been a practicing Life & Goals Coach for seven years, I have lacked a true brand map until now. As a small business owner, it felt like something I could focus on "down the road"...versus understanding how it could make the road much more clear in the present! Kristen's coaching helped me dig deeper, and I feel empowered to grow my practice using the focused brand tools created with her services. Kristen committed meaningful time to understand the soul of my business, honoring my process with patience and gentle encouragement. She is creative, thoughtful, honest, open and kind. I now have a solid jumping off point to share my practice with more people online - via my website, LinkedIn, email newsletters, and social accounts. Kristen has set me up with the ability to continue creating appropriate, consistent content and brand messaging on my own, which brings me immense joy and confidence (and relief!). Thank you, Kristen, for the beautiful branding work!

TRICIA, Life & Goal Coach


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As a founder of an exec coaching & consulting ​business, I find myself wearing a lot of hats. With so ​many facets of the business to focus on, I find it's often ​the best use of time and energy to get support from ​subject matter experts in areas that are not my strong ​suit. This is where Kristen comes in! She partnered ​with me on a last minute request that was adding ​stress and distractions (rebranding my business, ​creating templates and collateral, etc.). With very little ​guidance and lead time, she offered fast and creative ​solutions and delivered on everything she said she ​would. She's got a creative eye, can translate a vision, ​and is very easy to work with. Kristen is reliable, ​professional, and honest and I'd recommend her to ​anyone who needs support with building their brand.

JESS, Executive Coach & Consultant



Quotation Mark

Have you ever met someone you know the universe placed in your life forever? That’s Kristen for me. When I asked her to help me rebrand Empowerlead based on how my business has evolved over the last 3 years, it was an enthusiastic YES.

Kristen took the time to really understand the heart & soul of my work to integrate my values and purpose into the designs she created. I am a very passionate person and that can turn into a bit of a scatterbrained experience. Kristen received my feedback and last-minute ideas with both openness and also intentional guidance to maintain a focused direction.

If you are ready for your brand to encapsulate your values and passion, Kristen is the brand strategist you’re looking for!

KAREN, Founder & CEO


Quotation Mark

Kristen is exceptionally talented at developing ​creative branding that authentically connects ​your company to its target clients. Her ​background in coaching is unique and incredibly ​helpful because she asks insightful questions that ​lead to branding that is fully aligned with the ​goals, purpose and mission of your company. ​She brings a fresh perspective to the design ​world. The logo and branding that she created ​for my company were custom tailored to our ​needs, memorable and beautifully done.

HILARY, CEO & Founder



Quotation Mark

Kristen worked closely with me to create menus and a variety of branded merch for my small business. As a local coffee shop owner, I have so much on my plate and design is something I was happy to outsource. She is responsive, collaborative, SO creatively talented and she truly cares about her clients. I told her what I needed and she came back with beautiful work! I would recommend her services for all your creative & design needs...she's the best!

ANNIE, Small Business Owner


Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

KMichael Studio was fabulous to work with ​and created gorgeous Branded flyers for my ​business. I needed something that I could send ​to clients and Kristen made a perfectly ​branded "Welcome Packet" for me to send ​out. I gave her the vision and she ran with it ​while including my photography and pulling in ​what I wanted my audience to know about ​who and what my business does. If you are ​searching for someone to pull your brand ​together for the first time or for just a Brand ​Refresh, Kristen has your back and can deliver ​a gorgeous outcome!

KIM, CEO & Interior Designer


Quotation Mark

Kristen was incredible to work with. Her experience ​and expertise across multiple industries- teaching, ​coaching, small business owner, design, etc. allowed ​her to offer realistic and creative solutions to our ​growing business. We always felt heard, understood ​and encouraged by Kristen. She took the time to really ​understand us as women and owners, our target ​market and our brand. She was able to help us become ​more clear on our vision and message and her creative ​genius created designs that reflected that. We also ​loved how she incorporated mindfulness techniques to ​center ourselves and visualize what we want. She is ​truly one of a kind and it was so fun to work with her.



Quotation Mark

Finding my identity as a small business owner ​was something I struggled with and often felt ​consumed by. Kristen has a special way of ​cueing into these moments of "overthought" ​and digging in. I left our conversations feeling ​empowered and with the tools to visualize a ​path forward or through these self-made ​roadblocks. Kristen was a breath of fresh air ​and the time I spent with her was priceless. ​Can't recommend enough. Thanks Kristen!

Flower Arrangements

LAURA, Small Business Owner


Let's ​chat.

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